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Boost your reviews.
Empower your team.
Meet your goals.

Project your true online reputation and reduce staff turnover in your restaurant

Te ayudamos a proyectar la verdadera reputación online de tu restaurante y reducir la rotación de personal con una estrategia de equipo.

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How do we elevate your online reputation
from day one?

It’s as simple as these 3 steps!


Each team member has a Joombo QR totem and a weekly review objective.


They will take the QR totem to their customers with the bill to ask for a review.


You will view the results on the platform and reward them according to the generated reviews.

All your restaurants in a
single plataform

Pilot your online reputation remotely in real time

What if you could keep track of the day-to-day at your restaurant from anywhere?

Measure how many reviews are left to add up to your Google average score

Analize your online reputation performance

Digitalise your reward system

Motivate your team and reduce staff turnover with an objective-based strategy:

Monitor individual and team review generation

Reward your employees with a bonus per review 

Save time answering your reviews with AI

Answer automatically to all your reviews within a minute:

Set up your tone of voice, language and keywords

Generate hyper-customised answers

What if 99% of you reviews were positive?

You receive many compliments every day…
But how many customers leave a review?

¿What about those who complain?
¡They always head off to your review section!

+120 restaurants trust us

Your results with Joombo

monthly reviews
in under 3 months
rate you 5★
You have a question?
We have an answer.

Restaurants with +1000 reviews check in +60% higher bills in average than other restaurants.

Why is that? Google uses the good old word-of-mouth.

The more reviews you have, the more visibility you will get and the higher up in the ranking you will sit.

Don’t stay behind!

Our mantra:
What you don’t measure, you can’t improve.

Joombo allows you to set team objectives and evaluate the results

What you will achieve:

  1. Promote group cohesion to work for a common goal.
  2. Monitor individual and team performance.
  3. Create a company culture to build a strong talent loyalty.

¡No success comes without a strategy!

Each additional star adds +11% to your turnover.
And earning those stars depends on your waiters:
providing good service, using the totem consistently…

That’s why we recommend rewarding the team with a bonus for each review generated.

They earn an incentive in exchange for increasing the restaurant’s visibility and, consequently, its turnover.

It’s a smart and fair investment.

Customers are out for new experiences.
Yet electronic devices and paper are widely ordinary, so on-screen and printed QR codes go unnoticed.

Our product is designed to awaken the customer’s curiosity:

  1. Innovative
  2. Tactile (made of wood or leather)
  3. Eye-catching

We have confirmed that this is the most subtle and elegant way to get their opinion.

There is no need to push the customer, because the experience motivates curiosity and arouses inquisitiveness.

An innovative experience in exchange for an opinion – that’s all!

Unhappy customers will always leave a negative review.

Happy customers won’t.
Unless you are using Joombo to captivate those that would usually walk out without leaving a review.

This is how we average out the scale and project your restaurant’s true status online.

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