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Become #1 in Google thanks to the 2.0 Guestbook


Digitalise your rewards system and get +500% review

+120 restaurants trust Joombo

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The evolution of the

50 years ago:

Clients used to only write postive reviews at the restaurant. Handwriting, in a book.


9 out of 10 clients find your restaurant in Google thanks to your reviews.


Take back control of your restaurant’s online reputation with the 2.0 Guestbook

Take back the control of your online reputation

The platform will show you a complete overview:

How many reviews are you missing to increase your average rating?

What if you could follow everything that happens at your restaurant without being phisically present?

A digitalised rewards system

Save time, set goals and track results in 1 click:

  1. Each waiter presents his guest book to the customers

  2. Measure the quality of your team’s service

  3. Reward them based on their performance

Keep your team updated on
team their victories

Your team is the main star:

Set goals so that they know what they need to achieve

Do you want to share your results with your team through Whatsapp? You can do it in one click!

Stop being exposed to negative reviews

What if 99% of your reviews became positive?

How many clients congratulate you every day and… never leave you a review?

What about unsatisfied clients? They never forget to leave you one!

Your results with Joombo

reviews per month
in less than 3 months
of clients leave you 5*
Verify if the concept is made for you:

Each additional star brings +10% of revenue.

Restaurants with +1000 reviews earn on average +60% than the rest of restaurants in the neighborhood.

Why ?

Google places them on the to, giving them more visibility: just like the word of mouth.

The more reviews you get, the higher you go in the rankings.

Your Guestbook is connected to a digital platform, from which you will be able to:

1. Get an overview of your customer satisfaction

2. Get to know how many reviews you have left to increase your Google average rating

3. Follow your waiters’ performance to compensate them for their great reviews!

As per the physical side of the solution, we tested everything to collect reviews: printed QRcodes, gifts, tablets…

What we understood:

People love experiences.

This is why we designed an impactful product around:

– Touch with a noble material: leather.

– The view with innovative technology wrapped in attractive text and color.

– Taste: this is for you! They will be able to describe what made them travel to your kitchen.

We know those who always make the effort to submit an opinion…

… due to a small delay or a misunderstanding.

Some clients line you up!

Rebalance your online reputation, by putting all the chances on your side:

Give voice to those who loved your concept!

They will never forget to leave you a review anymore, because they will do it from your restaurant!

On the contrary ! We proved this is the most subtle and elegant way to get their opinion.

No need to push your clients anymore, because the experience motivates their curiosity and makes them want to use Joombo.

An experience in exchange for an opinion.
And that’s all !

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