Increase your revenue through your e-reputation

Gain more reviews and followers in less than 10 seconds

The impact of a bad e-reputation

-18% of your revenue: the difference between a 3 and a 5 stars rating.

Ex: if your company has an anual sales volume of 1M€, you'll lose 180.000€ per year for a bad e-reputation

How does it work?

1. Tap with your smartphone

Your clients will just have to tap Joombo with their smartphone and they'll get
directly to your page!

2. Leave a review

They wil just be to 1 click to give you a review on the most popular platforms and follow you on your social media

3. Follow your results

You will follow your statistics, get real time feedback and improve your service quality!

Why is your e-reputation so important?

Today, your business digital identity has become an essential point to acquire new clients and retain your existing ones

9 out of 10

people consult reviews before choosing a restaurant or hotel


of customers don't trust business rating lower than 3.3 


of users don't trust reviews dating more than 3 months

They already trust us

The concept

Joombo Reviews Totem

It consists of a smart high quality totem, which integrates the NFC technology, also known as "contactless".

Engraved on leather, its touching feeling will create an unforgettabl experience and will give your business a fancy image.

This technology will instantly share your page!

The platform

  • An easy-to-use customisable page

  • Analyze your clients interactions

  • Improve your service thanks to a real time feedback

Our service

Joombo is with you since your project setup:
your Joombo Reviews customised page, to use the platform
and improve the client experience.

Increase your community

Create a dynamic experience to increase the number of followers on your social media.

Your clients will never forget you.

Gain visibility!

Increase the number of reviews and
appear among the first ones in the search engines. 

Improve your service quality

Find a good answer to your questions
thanks to your clients real-time feedback

Any questions?
Tell us everything!

We are here to help you increase
your e-reputation
and boost your business!

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