Your clients, your fan club

Gain autonomy and increase your revenue by 30%.

Offer your customers a connected magnet:
a useful gift to order directly!


How does it work?

They already trust us

Joombo's advantages

Regain your autonomy!

15% of a restaurant’s most loyal customers contribute to 60% of its total sales

  • Capture your customers' email

  • Increase loyalty

  • Keep a tracking on your conversions

Stay always close to your customers

Enter in their kitchen!

  • A constant reminder: they will always think of you

  • Share your weekly offers

  • A useful gift to order from you!

Boost your Click & Collect

51% of orders the channel taking over delivery

Recover your 30% of revenue taken by delivery platforms!

Our product

We use NFC technology, also known as "contactless" in order to share the content you want.

Our magnet: 

  • Magnet - 50 x 50 mm

  • Joombo's encoding

  • Lifetime: over 6 years

The platform:

  • Share dynamic content: update your menu and weekly offers!

  • Increase loyalty thanks to a customised content

  • Analyse their interactions and your campaign impacts

Communicate directly with your clients

Make noise

Be innovative, you can appear in the media thanks to Joombo!

Wipe out the competition

Lead your customers directly to your takeaway or delivery page

Build loyalty

A reminder on their fridge to make them think of ordering

Increase your followers

Boost your social media and bring them to share their experience!

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